Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Malawi Adventure: Eh, Sleep Is Over Rated

I slept for 8 hours Sunday night, but very lightly. I was not worried just excited, I think. I had started packing more than a week in advance so as to avoid the last day rush and frenzy. I was all packed and my check list that Sheryl France Moran gave me (VERY exhaustive) was all scratched off. Thanks to Kelly King, Corrie Hawes, and Sheryl, I had all my teaching (and learning) materials packed and ready to go, as well. I was ready. But the anticipation and adventuresome nature of this trip just would let me go into deep sleep.

My flight left LAX at 10:50 p.m.--past my most optimum bed time. I was tired. The problem was I would be in the air for less than five hours AND would lose three hours going coast to coast so would arrive in D.C. at 6:45 a.m. (3:45 a.m. body time). I did sleep all the way. Sitting up, of course. Though a dear member of SCPC offered to upgrade me for this leg, there were no first class seats available. The flight was full. I slept four hours this time, but very lightly. Two nights short, light sleep.

From this point on I can't really tell you when I slept or for how long with all the time zone changes, the lights going on and off in the airplane, an 11 hour flight to Addis Ababa. They served meals several times on the plane but I could not figure out what meal it was supposed to be. I tried sleeping on and off but mostly off. Then a layover for two or three hours.   Then another 3 hour flight to

Llongwe. Thank God for providing a young woman from North Carolina who is working on her PhD in Llongwe who sat down beside me in the Addis airport. Little did she know when she made that choice of seat that she would have a hanger on for the remainder of her return trip to Llongwe! Totally disoriented that is what I am.

Perhaps disorientation with a gracious face mixed in is exactly the kind of training I needed to prepare me for the days ahead. This, too, probably part of God's humorous plan--very little that is familiar but what I need will be provided. And most of all, a gracious host in Louise Laubsher who picked me up at the airport and began my training almost immediately.  I have heard so much good about her that I would trust her with my grandchildren! Here I am, Lord. I am available. Make me usable and use me. (Stolen from Dick Innes.)

The last leg of the journey

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